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Monday, May 19, 2014

Sama dan Kusut.

Hari-hari yang kau tempuh biasanya tiada beza.
Kau mula lalui tipikal kerjanya.

Kau buka mata, langkah kau mula.

Kau tutup mata, tutup cerita.

Esoknya seperti biasa.
Dan hari-hari yang berikutnya.
Sama, dan masih sama.

Doa untuk yang lebih baik.
Jangan kusutkan minda.

Kau harap keajaiban berlaku.
Satu hari nanti.

Pasti tidak sama dan kusut lagi.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Do Not Read This.

Have you heard the news that you are dead?
Have you hear it?
I have hear it. Its so scary.
Now, let me tell you the story.

It feels like somebody gripping your throats.
They do let you go without giving a help even for a bit.
Slowly give you a goodbye waves, then give you a sarcastic laugh and smile.
Its totally weird. I swear.

In your past life, you did a very good deeds.
They do appreciate it, but its just for awhile.
When you unfortunately did a little mistake,
They punish you, they were so heartless.
That is all you get, for being too kind.
Its wrong, but being fucking evil also not a good choice.

Wake up!
Wake up, from the tight sleep.
Wake up from all the scenery.
Open your eyes and heart.
Do listening and keep silent.

Breath in and breath out.
Get your deep fresh air of the galaxy.
Smile away to the beautiful creatures.
Believe that you are the luckiest human being in the world.

Stop being too aggressive towards them and yourself too babe.
We only live for awhile. Be kind to others.
They maybe hate you, talk behind you and so on.
But, keep your head up and do love them.
Prove to them that they are wrong to evaluate you.

I can't help you to do a good deeds.
Cause I'm already dead. Dead!
Its all belong to your heart.
Be good or be the fucking evil.
Its your choice babe!
Its all on your own.

Its too weird to tell you about the death.
You might feel the death, once in your life.
When you die, you will not comeback again.
Believe me. You'll hate this part. Hate it.

So are you ready?
Ready to hear the news that you are dead?
If you ready do tell me.
I will bring you to that place.
Like it or not? Just be ready babe.
Because you'll be dead soon.

Hell or Heaven?
Do your choice.